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We charge a flat rate for custom painted musky baits. It's a timely process and it's rare to hear complaints of the final product.

We usually can turn around our muskie baits pretty quickly, depending on the season.

Simply send in as many baits as you'd like painted. I will reach out after ordering for a shipping address, etc.

Thank you for supporting DH Custom Baits!

Custom Painted Musky Baits

We do custom painted musky baits of all kinds, sizes, and brands. We rarely will stock and sell musky lures of any essentially, we will custom paint any of your own baits.

We basically charge a flat rate, for each muskie bait we paint. Simply send in your baits and we will paint and send back to you. Easy Peasy

We charge a flat rate for ANY size musky bait. Whether it's a smaller crankbait or a HUGE custom lure...we will knock it out!

We understand that most musky anglers will want to have their own design. No problem! Just let us know what you're looking for and we will bring it to life!

We custom paint musky lures usually during the open water season...but we'd LOVE to do them over the winter as well.

Basically, if it's a musky bait of any kind, we will paint it to your specifications.

Custom Musky Baits
Custom Painted Muskie Baits

Original Design

We strive to do our own designs and we have our signature styles. Often replicated, never duplicated.... DH Custom Paints are unique!

Fast Turnaround

We do what we can to get you your custom painted muskie lures as quickly as humanly possible.  

Satisfaction Guarantee

We aim for the WOW factor with our painted designs. With that being said, if you don't like our work you can send them back. We stand behind our work.


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