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Custom Painted Crankbaits - Custom Spoons - Custom Painting of Blades

We charge the same for crankbaits, spoons, and blades.  Keep it simple.

There are two options:

1. Send in your bait with hooks and rings removed - $5

2. Send in your bait without hooks and rings removed - $7

As always, I prefer to paint multiples of each color rather than one of everything because it affects turnaround time so much.

Custom Painted Crankbaits

We do custom painted crankbaits of all kinds, sizes, and brands. We have a hard time keeping inventory in stock, so we usually custom paint our customers fishing tackle for them.

We basically charge a flat rate, for each lure. Custom painting is a timely process, and we need to charge accordingly. We also charge if we have to remove split rings and hooks (also a timely process). We hope you understand.

We custom paint every model Rapala fishing lure they make. Pretty rare to see a new one anymore. If you want custom painted Rapala lures - we got you covered.

Like custom painted Bandits? We love painting them as much as you love fishing them.  

We do a lot of custom painted reef runner lures as well. While they have a TON of stock colors, we can take them to the next level.

Basically, we can paint any stickbait you have...really doesn't matter the brand.

We also custom paint lipless crankbaits for all seasons. We do A LOT of these.

We also can do custom shad raps and baits of all brands as well.

custom crankbaits
custom walleye tackle

Custom Painted Spoons

We can custom paint spoons of all kinds, whether it be ice fishing spoons or trolling spoons; doesn't matter.  

We have a wide variety of creations and paint schemes that we can do for you. While we tend to have our "signature styles", there really is no ends to what we can paint.

Simply send in your spoons, with or without split rings/hooks, and we will normally turn them around in a decent amount of time (depending on the season).

We do a lot of PK Spoons as well as custom painted Flutter Spoons too! We've had great luck with the results.

We can do virtually any trolling spoon on the market as well.

Custom ice spoons give you the ultimate confidence. I mean, what else do you present to the fish?

We have relatively fast turnaround, as long as it's not in the middle of the season.

Custom Flutter Spoons
custom painted PK Spoons

Original Design

We strive to do our own designs and we have our signature styles. Often replicated, never duplicated.... DH Custom Paints are unique!

Fast Turnaround

We do what we can to get you your custom painted lures as quickly as humanly possible.  

Satisfaction Guarantee

We aim for the WOW factor with our designs. With that being said, if you don't like our work you can send them back.  


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